Paul Howell Photography

Paul Howell

Astro Photography

Paul Howell has always harboured a love for photography, starting in his teens using a 35mm Zenith E camera before moving on to a series of Canon cameras. After a break while raising children, Paul rediscovered his passion with the purchase a DSLR camera. His love for landscapes was soon widened to include astro-photography. Using digital overlays he discovered the depths available in night sky photography, using his natural eye to dramatic effect.

Having spent his life living in and around Bristol, with most childhood summers spent in Scotland or the South West of England, Paul has an appreciation for the natural beauty to be found in the British Isles, but that doesn’t stop him seeing beauty wherever he travels.

His natural enthusiasm and skills in explaining complicated techniques has led Paul to teach many people in the art of capturing an image and processing it to become the ideal work of art.